Tuesday, May 31, 2011

the Bachelorette hits SIN CITY!

I don't know what TV's fascination is with Las Vegas lately - Real World hit it up this season and now Ashley took her first group of dates to Sin City for a week of romance, dancing, and making out! And for those of you who don't know, I actually hit up Vegas this past December and this episode brought back a lot of great memories (Marissa Green, if you're reading, we really need to get back ASAP). Anywayy, here's a re-cap with some commentary about this week's Bachelorette:

The first one-on-one date was with William, who caught my eye last week in his intro with his quirky intro with his umbrella turning inside out. I thought he would have a cute sense of humor. I guess Ashley was on the same page as me since he got the first date. They took a private jet to Vegas (jealous) and spent the day at the BELLAGIO (aka where I stayed when I went to Vegas). They went to their amazinggggggg pastry place (where I got this chocolate crepe that was to die for) and they picked out "wedding cake". They also did a lot of "wedding" stuff like picking out rings and going into the Bellagio chapel (where my dad and stepmom actually DID get married, so weird.) where they had a fake ceremony. William was legit nervous they were going to be in a binding marriage, but he totally played it cool. What a trooper! He even said "I do" and when she hesitated he went "Babe?" like all nervous like..so super cute. Then they had dinner INSIDE the Bellagio fountains, so gorgeous. And he said "My heart is soaring higher than the fountains right now". I awwed out loud. Really nice date.

Next, was the group date. 12 guys all for her! How overwhelming! It reminded me of that song "So many men, so little time, how could I chose?" hah. So they saw the JABAWAKEESS perform (sickk) and they were split into groups of 6 and had a challenge to come up with a little dance and the winning team got to stay in Vegas and the losers had to fly back to LA. So the "best men" did a dance simulating a wedding..not so great - they lost. The winners "no rhythm nation" simulated the rose ceremony and were really creative so they got to stick around. At night, Bentley got the rose. So not deserved...but more on him later.

Finally, there was a twist for the next date. JP and Mickey had to flip a coin to see who got to go on the next one-on-one. I looveee JP so I was rooting for him, but Mickey won and him and Ashley had a really nice date - nothing too magical or exciting. I was just sad I didn't get to see a lot of JP :)

My top picks in this order go as follows:
1. JP
2. West
3. William
4. Mickey
5. Ben C

I had William originally as #2 but I think his cocky attitude at the cocktail party threw me off a bit...Jeff aka mask guy is really pissing me off lately. TAKE THE STUPID MASK OFF, it's getting creepy. I don't know why he's still around...and Bentley is a flat out douchebag. He said, "She's not my type." All he keeps saying is hes staying cus he wants to win the competition. That's so dumb. Why are you wasting your time, MY time, and more importantly Ashley's time? It looks as though he leaves next week which I hope he does because even though Ashley's already really diggin him, she needs him out of that house.

So that's my little Bachelorette rundown for the day. Post again something different tomorrow!

Do you watch The Bachelorette? Have a favorite moment of last night's episode? Agree with my top 5 guys? Comment below, please!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

spring cleaning!

It's been about 2 weeks since I moved out of my apartment on the UAlbany campus and dumped all the crap I hoarded the past 4 years into my room. All my clothes are unpacked and a few boxes here and there remain to sort through, but my mom is already getting fed up with the mess. I don't blame her - I have no idea where all this stuff came from. We were gunna go shoe shopping tonight, but after getting 4 blisters walking around the city today, I decided we needed to postpone that. Instead, we tackled my closet...well everything but the actual hanging clothes. My closet is a nice size and has a lot of space on the floor and has 2 shelves above the clothes. I decided to picture document some of the stuff that made me nostalgic and share it with you all in hopes that you will, in turn, do some spring cleaning so that you can relive all the childhood
memories you so carelessly flung inside your closet.

First, my lovely pile of shoes...this doesn't even core half of them but I thought the image of them splattered across my floor was amusing.

Next, for your entertainment, my 5th grade graduation photo, found in an album made up of old friends and really old family pictures.

*GASP* A GAMEBOY? Yes my friends. This is an original gameboy-mini. No color, no touch screen, no nothing. Fully equipped with 4 different Pokemon games, Tetris, and plenty of Mario games. It makes me sad that kids of the next generation will never get a chance to grow up on Gameboys and are spoiled brats playing on their DS's :)

Spice Girl Movie stickers and NSync/O-Town books.
Ah, the music of my elementary school career. Couldn't throw any of this away, especially since all three of these groups are still on my ipod.

Speaking of ipod, this contraption is pre-historic compared to our fancy mP3 players. I wouldn't even be surprised if my 14 year old step sister didn't know what this is called. And for those of you reading this who may be younger, this is an original WalkMan. What did it do? Well, it played cassette tapes. Mine was actually advanced for the time and got radio reception, too. Crazy to think how far we've come. Look how big it was! I sadly threw it away, because although I used to carry this around with me everywhere, it is simply useless in today;s world.

Well, there you have it folks. After an hour and much more findings, my closet is almost completely clean. Now I just have to go through the clothes..which will be another task in itself. I hope you enjoyed my trip down memory lane. Would love to hear your comments about what you have found in your recent cleanings trips. HAVE A GREAT MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND!

Friday, May 27, 2011

sing me something soft..

rock-a-bye baby on the tree top
where the wind blows the cradle will rock
where the bow breaks the cradle will fall
and down will go baby cradle an all...

Weird the things we sing to infants to help them fall asleep. This famous lullaby is a bit cruel once you actually read the words. This is what came to mind as I was reading the book LULLABY, written by Chuck Palahniuk. This fiction tale follows reporter Carl Streator on his mission to destroy every copy of a culling song. What is a "culling song"? It's a lullaby sung in Africa to give a painless death to the old or infirm. The song, spoken or even just thought, is strong enough to kill.

This book was right up my alley. It was a bit of horror, bit of mystery, bit of magic, and a whole lot of sarcasm. I first read Fight Club last summer and hated it and was hesitant to pick up another one of Palahniuk's works but this one caught my eye and I'm really glad I chose to read it.

Palahniuk is a fabulous writer. Lullaby has two story lines going at once. There's the main story line, the present, that is 95% of the book. But in between a few chapters, he writes in italics. It was confusing at first but the storylines connect very well, especially at the end. I also loved Palahniuk's use of opposing ideas. He plays around with quiet vs. noisey - making up words such as "sound-o-holics" and "quiet-o-phobics". I laughed everytime the main character explains the TV noise from downstairs or the people shouting above him, simply because it's SO true. We as a society can't appreciate silence, with our i-pods always glued in our ears and the TV always on for background noise.

What didn't I like about the book? The middle drags a bit, and there's a whole LOT of commentary about G-d, the government, meat-eaters, etc. that was a little much for me. I understood the point and the subject matters were certainly lightened up with Palahniuk's sarcastic writing style but I found myself getting bored and somewhat annoyed at how often it was written about.

Other than that, no complaints. The book is 260 pages long and I read it in 4 hours...didn't eat dinner because I was so engrossed in it.

If you do decide to read it, you might notice the premise is a lot like the movie The Ring where whoever watches that tape dies. Similar storyline. In fact, I almost want to say he adopted the idea from the movie to almost make fun of it but put a new horrific twist on it.

In conclusion, I give Lullaby 4.5 out of 5 stars. If you do get a chance to read it, please share your insights. I'd love to hear them.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

..and away we go!

Hello blogging universe and welcome to the DONK diaries!

A little bit about what to expect from this blog:
1. Book Reviews: I am committed to doing more reading now that I don't have pointless college textbooks/articles to consume my time and I hope to be able to read at least one book a week and will be posting at least one review a week - probably on Fridays. So tomorrow will have my first book review!

2. Movie Reviews: This probably won't happen often unless I have a really strong opinion about a newly released film. I don't like to spend money on movies when I can get it on bootleg for half the price.

3. Show Commentary!! : This will include The Bachelorette and So You Think You Can Dance for the summer...and Fringe, Modern Family, The Office, and Glee in the fall.

4. Social Media Links: I am interning this summer at Likeable Media (SHOUTOUT) and will be posting my favorite other blogs pertaining to social media.

5. Random life happenings: Any funny anecdotes from my internship, weekend city adventures, trips to Albany seeing my boyfriend Zac and my friends still there from school, or just whatever I wanna rant about

6. Last, and probably most often Working Out: I did all 90 days of P90X and am now a BeachBody Coach trying to help others reach their fitness goals. This summer I will be tackling TURBOFIIREEEEEE (super pumped) and will be blogging results. While I'm here I might as well post my main website for Beachbody: http://beachbodycoach.com/esuite/home/sdonk89
and anyone who comes across this and is considering getting their fitness in gear, I'm here to help PLEASEE contact me and we'll take it one step at a time.

So there you have it. The DONK Diaries have officially begun. Over and out.